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COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 Health & Safety

To help you get ‘Office-ready” for when staff are able to return, please see the attached document templates to help you think about and update your Health and Safety policies to take into account the current climate.

For more information or guidance go to https://www.advancedsafety.co.nz/covid-19advice

COVID-19 Safety Planning Webinars

Follow the below links to two webinars given by Matt Jones of Advanced Safety on Return to Work and What Good Covid-19 Health and Safety looks like.

Government Helplines

Wellbeing during COVID-19 and your new normal

We are in a global pandemic like nothing our modern world has seen before with many changes to our lives from all aspects including work, financial, social and community . Our support networks and normal daily lives are no longer quite the same (though moving down the levels certainly helps) and are likely to have some impact for a while yet.

Everyone is feeling some strain during this time of change, in particular mentally and so we have put together some tips on looking after your wellbeing through this period of change.

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Virtual Recruitment and Onboarding

COVID-19 has changed the way we do business, however there are still roles that need to be filled even when we are not all able to be in one work location together. Though it can be concerning bringing someone on board that you have never met in person, virtual recruitment is a solution in this case and onboarding is not a completely new idea for many, it may now be the way forward with flexible working becoming a stronger possibility for businesses following the COVID-19 lockdown period.

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Transitioning back to ‘normal’ working life post COVID-19

COVID-19 has seen our working lives drastically change and you are not alone in dreading the thought of how you will cope with the transition back to ‘normal’ working circumstances post COVID-19.

You may have actually found this screeching halt in your life to have been somewhat blissful to have a break, however the problem is that your brain and body clock have now well adjusted to that life.

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How to continue your career progression amid or post COVID-19

COVID-19 has frozen life for many and this may have affected the career progression of most in its midst. Many are facing unemployment prospects or even have felt the effect through holds on promotions and job offers. However, even though the job market is a moving target with some industries booming with others less so, it does not mean you cannot work on your career progression preparing for when things begin to move forward once again.

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