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HOME Recruitment is proud to be partnering with WWF-New Zealand as a sponsor of this year's Whale Tales! Every Tail... Read more.

Thinking of returning home? This recorded webinar covers everything you need to know about booking flights, sorting visas for partners / family members, finding work and the MIQ process

Level 1 - What's next for the job market?

As the global pandemic is still very much out there in the world, here in New Zealand, we have managed to do pretty well. With the Guardian UK saying “New Zealand’s Covid-19 response the best in the world” why do we still stress about what the headlines might say next in New Zealand. Have you found yourself in the 4% of unemployed people across New Zealand? Unfortunately, COVID-19 has bee... Read more.

Redundancy - What To Do If You Find Yourself There?

Redundancy - not exactly a positive topic but a common one due to the current jobs in New Zealand climate. Often a taboo subject that most of us don’t want to believe we would ever have to experience but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom! At HOME we have discussed the positives and how to keep moving if we find ourselves there.

  1. Networking
Using this time to res... Read more.

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