Level 1 - What's next for the job market?

Posted on November 5, 2020 by HOME Recruitment

As the global pandemic is still very much out there in the world, here in New Zealand, we have managed to do pretty well. With the Guardian UK saying “New Zealand’s Covid-19 response the best in the world” why do we still stress about what the headlines might say next in New Zealand.

Have you found yourself in the 4% of unemployed people across New Zealand? Unfortunately, COVID-19 has been the cause of many job losses and closing of companies during the tougher months earlier this year. Thankfully as we move towards normality, industries are working out their finances and companies are starting to rehire. This is a great time to partner with us at HOME as we will have the inside knowledge on which industries are hiring.

If you are lucky and your position hasn’t been affected but maybe you haven’t got the promotion or bonus you were promised this year – it’s not because of you! Staying put and being grateful for the job you are still in is definitely the biggest win of 2020 and you should be proud.

If you are amongst the many applying for all the jobs on the New Zealand job boards, maybe you need to rethink your path. Applying for a role that’s a similar level might give you a better chance of securing an interview – then you can grow within the company. You can’t be too fussy at a time like this!

If you want to be in the know of what’s going on in the job market or are looking for a job, email apply@homerecruitment.co.nz or give us a call.