Our Experience Returning to Lockdown - Recruitment and Hiring Processes

Posted on August 27, 2020 by HOME Recruitment

Our Experience Returning to Lockdown - Recruitment and Hiring Processes

For our team it felt like a relatively seamless transition back to working from home life in Auckland, New Zealand as the region went into our second lockdown of 2020.

While during the first lockdown, all of our roles we paused (or pulled) as businesses took stock and navigated uncertainty – this next round has given us reassurance that there are still “good news stories” and opportunities for some exciting career prospects for Kiwi talent returning HOME.

A few key statements to summaries our anecdotal findings!

Video Interviews are Here to Stay

We found that even when in Level 1, many initial conversations were happening over video calls instead of onsite meetings (which were kept for more the second or final stages of interview processes). Our clients slipped straight back into conducting video interviews for first and second stages – including making virtual offers and conducting virtual onboarding.

Companies in a Position to Hire, are Still Hiring

While the first lockdown felt like a HUGE shock which took a while to rebound from, for some companies – it’s been the making of them! If companies are in a position to be hiring (think industries in technology, SaaS eCommerce or digital, essential services and specific service lines within professional / financial services) then nothing has changed for them with L3, if possible – they’re in an even stronger position to add resource to their team!

Great Talent is Being Snapped Up Quickly!

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again – it doesn’t matter what the market is doing, there is ALWAYS, always demand for quality. And it’s true, great talent are still securing competitive offer/s despite some of the negative press.

Emphasis on The Type of Role in High Demand

I’ll caveat the above with, you need to be able to speak commercially throughout your interview. KNOW YOUR NUMBERS! Companies want to know the ROI of hiring someone like you; so those with the ability to speak commercially, are in Sales / Business Development / Account Management / Digital Marketing or any other revenue generating function (think technical experts and billable rates) continue to be in high demand!

Need to Remain Flexible

Whether this be on salary or type of contract – fixed term, part-time, temporary, temp to perm or casual; remain flexible and realistic in the current market. It’s better to be “in the room” vs knocking on the front door, so be open to evolving a role as you earn your stripes within a business.

We’ve seen an increase in the number of part-time or “freelance” opportunities being recruited, which while may not be ideal initially could evolve into full time or allow you that extra day in your week to study, learn a new skill or pick up other employment elsewhere!

In summary, this second lockdown has had less of an impact than we thought it would – all our roles have continued to be recruited (extending verbal offers during this time too!) and with great breadth across function too! Of course, it’s been another huge blow for industries impacted in the first round – however, those industries who are fortunate to be a little “Covid-proof” are working towards growth plans allowing for these continued disruptions in months / years to come to ensure virtual / digital recruiting and onboarding processes in place.

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