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COVID-19 - How HOME Can Help Your Job Search

We all know the C word has been unfortunately taking over our lives and TV screens for some time now which hasn’t been the start of 2020 we have all hoped for. Plans have had to change; people are travelling to get home and the job market seems to be non-existent?! Fear not, at HOME, our Directors have seen it all – we are ready for you, we are working with our London office to support those K... Read more.

COVID-19 - How HOME Can Help Your Business

As we take on this new working from home lifestyle and getting accustomed with lockdown, it’s safe to say we’re likely all counting down the unknown days of how long we will be working from the kitchen table! For some industries, unfortunately this is a complete shut down period; others are finding themselves under huge amounts of pressure to cope with increased demands. What is for certain... Read more.

Covid-19 – Volunteer Temporary Office Staff

As a business supporting Kiwi talent returning HOME, we are equally committed to supporting other NZ businesses with top tier, internationally experienced talent who are immediately available for temporary assignments. During the Covid-19 Lockdown we are offering to do this at no charge – on a volunteer basis. Our candidates are eager to help employers during this time – as well as provide ... Read more.

What kind of repat are you?

In the past couple of years, since returning to NZ, I’ve had the privilege to meet with a wide range of repatriates and hear their stories. And, as I’ve collected more stories, my inner-academic has started to group these into a kind of ‘typology of returners’ – each of which reflect a common experience, and similar relationship to NZ. So now I’m curious to know whether my typology ... Read more.

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