Transitioning back to ‘normal’ working life post COVID-19

Posted on May 25, 2020 by Home Recruitment

Dreading the transition back to ‘normal’ working life?

COVID-19 has seen our working lives drastically change and you are not alone in dreading the thought of how you will cope with the transition back to ‘normal’ working circumstances post COVID-19.

You may have actually found this screeching halt in your life to have been somewhat blissful to have a break, however the problem is that your brain and body clock have now well adjusted to that life. 

Steps to ease your transition

See our steps below in easing your transition back to ‘normal’ life post COVID-19:

Keep a somewhat ‘normal’ schedule –

Keep your days on a similar schedule to your normal routine.

  • 9 to 5 - retain your standard working hours where possible
  • Eat on schedule - take your normal lunch break 
  • Sleep – DO NOT oversleep otherwise adjusting your body clock will be your hardest task
  • Move – keep moving and exercise will make up for your lack of commute and office steps on a daily basis

Ease in Mentally –

Be aware that there will be a shock that will come in going back to ‘normal’ life, here’s some of what to expect at first:

  • Tiredness – days will feel much longer at first, so try and get in ample sleep time and eat well to support your energy
  • Stress –  work may seem more overwhelming than normal, especially in the current economic climate, see our blog ‘Wellbeing during change and your new normal’ here
  • Self-awareness – it will most likely be overwhelming going back to work so ensure you communicate how you are feeling and know when to step back
  • Social Anxiety – you may never have even had social anxiety, however now you have been at home for a long period of time know that you may feel some anxiety in social settings again at first, give yourself the chance to step back when necessary

Communicate –

Communication is everything in any period of uncertainty.

  • Work – communicate with your Manager on how you are feeling about returning back to ‘normal’ working life and ask if there are ways they can support you whether it be flexible hours at the start of the transition or therapy sessions from the company. Give us a call if you were placed by us and we can help in this discussion
  • Socially – let people know if you are overwhelmed with social interaction, whether it be colleagues or friends 
  • Professional Help – there are many free online and over the phone services that can help you with advice for your transition back to ‘normal’ life, see them here

Go easy on yourself

We have all felt the multiple effects COVID-19 has had on our lives and more than you can imagine and possibly realise the mental effects this has and may continue to have; you are not alone. Take a step back and ease your way back into normal life, communicate on your way and let yourself not be okay too.

Let us assist in your transition back to ‘normal’ working life

We understand that this will be a hard transition so call +64 (0)9 930 9433 or email us at to talk recruitment or just to chat through your approach with your employer.

Take care, stay safe and speak soon!

The HOME Recruitment Team