Translating your CV back HOME to New Zealand

Posted on July 18, 2020 by HOME Recruitment

Translating your CV back HOME to NZ

It’s been a while since you were in the New Zealand job market (where’d the time go overseas right?!) and you’ll need some help with translating your experience whether it be coming back to Auckland, another major NZ city, or returning to the regions. Your contacts have moved, industries and companies have changed and where do you even start with a good recruiter?

You need someone who understands where you’ve been and where you’re going – that’s us, HOME Recruitment. We’ll help you build a CV reflective of your experience, while also making relevant to the New Zealand employment market. We’ve walked in your shoes and know exactly how to help you re-enter the New Zealand job market in a professional sense.

 CV Tip 1 – Do your research

Starting is the hardest part and being a Kiwi returning home to New Zealand can be daunting and a market such as Auckland, can be very different from what you left especially post pandemic! Do your research and reach out to HOME on or call us on +64 9 930 9433 to partner you with a relevant industry consultant where we can help you to best position your CV for the roles you’re seeking and provide insights into the market by way of key employers, salaries and varied ways of working.

Tip 2 – Keep it simple

It is important to be clear, succinct and focused on your key responsibilities and main projects. Be deliberate with your examples and try to be as specific as possible! Use numbers, dates and client names to provide more context on your experience.

Personalising your CV to each role will ensure you only include information that is relevant to the role you are applying for – examine the job description and make sure everything on there (that you have done) is on your CV clearly.

CV Tip 3 - Language

Keep your language professional and try to not personalise your responsibilities e.g. “Responsible for managing end to end event coordination” not “I coordinated events.”

Try to avoid one-word bullet points like “organised” instead provide an example of where you’ve used or how you’ve developed this attribute; “Responsible for delivery of marketing activations on a weekly cycle requiring creative input alongside a high level of organisation and attention to detail”.

Tip 4 – Formatting and Layout

Keep your CV to two pages as much as possible and always include; dates (months and years!) of employment, company name/location, job title. A small description of what the company does can be useful, especially if a company is not known in New Zealand. Continuing to keep clear bullet point to highlight your day to day duties and key projects that are most relevant.

In order to stand out from the crowd, its important the layout is clear and easy to read!

Keep the formatting basic and focus on getting on the information in, rather than making it creative. All industries are different, but an easy read will be the best way to get yourselves in front of the client.

CV Tip 5 – Zero Gaps Policy!

Making sure there aren’t gaps in your CV is imperative, the client always wants to know what you’re doing – even when you’re travelling or relocating. Having work experience overseas definitely works in your favour. Booking travel, applying for visas and moving countries shows great initiative!

CV Tip 6 – Proof Read

Check, check and check again then get someone else to check again! There is nothing worse than a CV with grammatical errors and once you have been staring at a screen for a long time, everything starts to merge into one! Attention to detail can be a serious deal breaker.

 CV Tip 7 – Quality Over Quantity

Be targeted to where you are sending your CV. Be careful not to scatter gun in a smaller marketplace such as New Zealand!

CV Tip 8 –Social media, it’s infiltrated your job search too!

Social media can be easily checked by employers, always be aware of the amount of privacy that is set on your accounts or if you want to be public, don’t post photos you wouldn’t want your mum to see!

LinkedIn on the other hand, is a great tool for job searching and showing off your experience for anyone to see – keep this up to date and relevant more than ever.

CV Tip 9 – Your CV is the start of an exciting journey

Be consistent with your tone and language, this includes any email or phone communications, your LinkedIn, cover letter and CV. Job hunting can be a laborious task but an important one to prioritise and get right!

CV Tip 10 – Live Document

Your CV will be constantly evolving and its important to take everyone’s opinion with a grain of salt. Ultimately you must be comfortable with the way it represents you.

Now go and put that perfect CV together and send it through to or call +64 9 930 9433 to start the journey towards the job of your dreams.


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