Why use a Recruitment Company: Finding talent that you otherwise would not have in New Zealand

Posted on September 15, 2020 by HOME Recruitment

Why use a Recruitment Company: Finding talent that you otherwise would not have in New Zealand

Firstly, this is their business – they are experts at finding talent.  They do it all day, every day and do so in their specialist area/market/sector or location. 

They have hired and trained their teams to be the best at identifying what good talent looks like.  In depth interviewing techniques and strategies are employed to ensure those identified people are capable of doing the job and are enthusiastic to do the job for you.

Your organisation is sold and represented to prospective candidates by someone who is not you.  This means the candidates feel that there is a less biased discussion around the merits of working for you.  Your vacancy will be discussed with prospective hires by a recruitment professional who has a greater insight into the whole market and can compare and share knowledge of your organisation and role knowing what wider opportunities exist.

Not all exceptional talent knows how to best sell their experience so choose to work with a recruitment company who will ensure they are matched to the right organisations.  They also receive CV advice, interview preparation and training, career counselling and market advice which they value and trust.  This level of service supports candidates through the entire recruitment process which builds trust with their recruitment consultant.

Recruitment companies invest in utilising a wide range of strategies to attract candidates and constantly evaluate the performance and add new approaches to ensure they are talking to the best available talent.

How to choose a Recruitment Company to work with

It is much harder to choose a service provider than it is choosing a product as you can’t ‘see’ what you will be getting when embarking on a new supplier relationship.  Below are some questions to help you determine if they are likely to be a good fit for your business:

- Spot a point of difference:

Know what makes a recruitment agency different to your current supplier and why it may be worth trying something new.

- Know their average CV to Interview ratio:

How well have they understood your requirement?  It doesn’t matter how many CV’s they send you, but what does matter is who you would want to meet and potentially hire.  You are only going to hire one person for the role. One CV, one Interview and one offer is an excellent outcome.

- Know their approach to candidate care:

If they look after their candidates, they are more likely to have a strong pool of loyal, experienced and interested candidates who appreciate a professional service – these are the people you want to hire.

- Ask for an example of how they have resolved a client issue:

It’s not about the problem but, how it has been managed.  Mistakes or issues will crop up and you want to know that you are working with a supplier who wants to work towards win: win outcomes.

- How are the Consultants incentivised:

Find out about a Recruitment Companies commission system, especially around candidate ownership by recruiters - you want to ensure that you will see all the best people irrespective of whether or how the recruiter will financially benefit.

- Lastly, ask what their company values are:

Do they align to yours? Ensure you are going to be working with an organisation that values what you value in a working relationship, otherwise you are likely to have issues around building trust, protecting your time and value for money to name a key few.