Worried about how your experience translates back to New Zealand?

Posted on July 8, 2020 by HOME Recruitment

Worried about how your experience translates back to New Zealand?

Gone from strength to strength in your international career and unsure (or worried!) about what the equivalent looks like in Auckland or other main cities you may be returning to in NZ?

Check out our key considerations when advising on the career move back to Auckland – or get in touch via HelloNZ@homerecruitment.co.nz or call +64 9 930 9433 to set up a time for us to discuss your situation in a more personalised manner!

Number 8 wire mentality

The “can-do” attitude can mean that for the majority of people, building breadth into the way you’re positioning your experience is essential. Your experience may have become more specialised while and now you may need to consider how to broaden it for the New Zealand market.  This advice is not to take away from your area of expertise, but to showcase the different facets of your specialty and where/how you can provide value.

Without being contradictory, it’s also so important to clearly identify the pain point you can solve – or results you can deliver to a potential employer. Why should they be hiring you? What have you delivered previously that is relevant to the job at hand? 

Consulting or contract opportunities

Often with more senior or specific roles, companies will consider bringing someone on in a consulting or contract basis to deliver what they need without the overhead of a full-time employee (FTE). This can work in your favour by showcasing your experience while giving you some insight into your new work landscape, before committing to a permanent opportunity

Contract opportunities can be another excellent way for you to practically show how your experience translates into a New Zealand context, while allowing you some time to continue with more proactive conversations. Also, what a way to develop and build on your networks while also proving your worth!

Network, network, network

So much of recruitment in Auckland happens behind the scenes – often roles are tidied up before an advert makes it on the job boards through networks, proactive introductions or internal promotions. Use your networks, work with recruitment consultant to expand your professional contacts and make sure you make the most of opportunities as they present themselves!

HOME Recruitment understands that being out of the market for any length of time can mean those networks might be diminished, no longer relevant or non-existent. We work to really learn and understand your career goals and then are passionate about making those connections with aligned companies in our networks.

Know your value, but have humility

A big one for talent returning home – and a classic Kiwi trait which will become apparent once again on your return home. Understanding that it’ll take time to transition back into the Auckland job market is one thing, but finding the balance of knowing your value and remaining open to opportunities is an important equilibrium to strike! It will take some time and research (just like getting your head around Auckland house prices!) – but get in touch with HOME Recruitment on info@homerecruitment.co.nz or call +64 9 930 9433 to have a chat with us on salary bands and what value to bring to your home market.

Take care, stay safe and speak soon!

The HOME Recruitment Team